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Everything You Need To Know: Digitech TRIO pedal

The DigiTech TRIO won "Best In Show" at NAMM 2015, and it's easy to see why: guitarists the world over got instantly excited by this unique guitar pedal! Here's everything you need to know about the TRIO Band Creator, and the new Trio+, which's even better! The DigiTech TRIO Band Creator caused a sensation as soon as it was released: an innovative pedal that learns what you play and adds drum and bass parts automatically, to match your song. Here's what you need to know about the Trio and, further down our blog, we'll talk about the new Trio+ and how both compare. Despite the fact that there are some great demo videos of the DigiTech TRIO pedal circulating at the moment, it's still not clear to some people what it's all about and how exactly it works. Here's what we think is all the info you need to know, featuring questions which have been in the minds of lots of players recently... HOW DOES THE DIGITECH TRIO WORK? Simple - you play a chord progression, and the TRIO comes up with a drum beat and bass line that fit with it. The optional FS3X footswitch is highly recommended, as it allows you to step through the three different parts in a more fluid way. The FS3X also allows you to change the variations within the genre that you're using, besides the ability to change from part 1 to part 2 and part 3. IS THE TRIO A DRUM-MACHINE? No! The TRIO does indeed add drum beats, but it's far from one. Paradoxically, it's simpler and more complex than a drum-machine. Unlike a drum-machine, you can't program beats. But on the other hand, the TRIO can automatically learn based on what you're playing, and come up with a beat that suits it, thanks to it "adaptive technology". A drum-machine doesn't "learn" or "listen" to what you play: if you buy a drum-machine, you either have to learn how to program it, or fit what you're playing to one of the preset beats. For these reasons, many guitarists may not enjoy playing with a drum-machine. Drum-machines are great - but better suited for the technically-minded musician who enjoys creating beats. This description doesn't fit many guitarists, and the DigiTech TRIO is the perfect solution: it feels more real, more "organic"... almost like playing with actual musicians! It learns the key, the chords, the tempo and the timing of your chord progression, as you play it along! Unlike a drum-machine, the TRIO won't necessarily play the same thing every time... the beats and bass lines the TRIO will come up with will vary according to what you play, and the rhythm you play... all you need to do is to "tell" it what style you want, such as blues, jazz, pop, rock, etc. Because you don't have to program anything, the TRIO frees you up to do what you do best - simply play guitar!
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